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At Sedhon Systems, we are proud to offer the best recovery and resolution packs available.

Sedhon is a corporate business with over 10 years of experience delivering risk management solutions to major banks across the UK and Africa.


Over the past 5 years Sedhon has been involved in the RRP consultation process with the regulators (Bank of England and Prudential Regulation Authority). It has assisted major UK banks in providing input to the consultation process which subsequently led to the development of the supervisory statement SS18/13 (recovery plans) and SS19/13 (resolution plans).


Sedhon has also developed recovery and resolution plan information for major UK banks, including the identification of impediments to recovery and resolution plans and providing solutions to mitigate these impediments.  

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We provide Risk Management Consultancy, specialising in operational risk, credit risk, regulatory risk, market risk and also provide training solutions.

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